Plastic Sockets

FL Pipe has been supplying plastic industries with plastic sockets since 2000.

Plastic Pipes

Our selection of plastic pipes is wide. We will deliver plastic pipes to you based on your order – also custom made pipes.

Compound raw Materials

We offer our clients compounding raw materials and we are increasingly utilizing clients’ own side current in the raw material manufacturing processes. We have a strong long time experience and knowledge of using different raw material in plastic pipes and plastic socket manufacturing and how those materials function.

Product Development Projects

We do product development projects together with our clients. Our strengths are innovativeness and courage to make even impossible projects possible.

Utilizing Side Currents

Utilizing industry’s side currents is one of our special assets.

Get into the Pipe

FL Pipe is 100% Finnish company located in the Ostrobothnia region.
#Get into the Pipe

Get into the Pipe since 2000

Our primary products are plastic sockets, plastic pipes, compound materials and product development projects with our clients. Most of our manufactured goods go directly to domestic plastic industry’s use. We also have got export to Sweden and Denmark. FL Pipe is a 100% Finnish family business.

Plastic Sockets and Pipes

Our selection of plastic sockets and pipes is wide and we’ve got plenty of different sized and models covered. If you can’t find the piece you’re looking for from our current selection, we will gladly manufacture the needed parts for you based on your order. All our plastic sockets are made from 100% recycled materials.


We have a strong long time experience and knowledge of how to use different raw materials in the plastic sockets and pipes manufacturing.
We offer compounding raw materials based on your order. We can deliver also small 5 000-kilogram material examples with a quick delivery time.

Product Development and Innovations

We are currently investing heavily on a product development. Our goal is to develop completely new raw materials for industry usage. Right at this moment, we are planning to create multiple new, more environmental friendly raw materials which will utilize industries’ side currents. Our new, modern laboratory was built in 2016 and thanks to it we are now able to perform even better in our strict quality control.