Plastic Sockets

We deliver plastic sockets for industries in Finland, Sweden and Russia. We manufacture plastic sockets on client’s demand, fully based on their needs. We always deliver a test socket from our selection before starting the manufacturing process. We will gladly make you even custom made sockets. All our sockets are manufactured by the standards given to us by our client regarding ring sturdiness, tolerances and quality standards. Polypropylene or polyethylene are used in the socket manufacturing. We are increasingly manufacturing plastic sockets from raw materials which utilize client’s side currents. Tolerances and sizes are always based on client’s order. Custom made sizes available by demand.


Our general products:

Length Based on the order (50-4000 mm)
Markings Inkjet measurements, raw materials, date and manufacturer
Facet On the inner and outer edges
Delivered color Grey
Other colors According to agreement
40 x 4,0
77 x 3,0
77 x 5,5
77 x 7,0
77 x 8,5
77 x 10,5
77 x 15,0
152 x 8,0
152 x 10,5

Paper Sockets

Paper sockets are sold by Sonoco Alcore
Please contact Karhula office:
Karhulantie 160, 48601 Karhula, Finland
Phone: +358 52 242300



We offer our clients compounding raw materials and we are increasingly utilizing clients’ own side current in the raw material manufacturing processes. We have a strong long time experience and knowledge of using different raw material in plastic pipes and plastic socket manufacturing and how those materials function.