Innovative Product Development


FL Pipe’s product development and quality control measurements are executed in our new, modern laboratory. The laboratory was built in the fall of 2016 and we renewed all our measurement equipment at the same time. We currently possess the most high-performing and the most reliable equipment in the market. Thanks to this, our quality control measurements are now even more precise from our already strict standards.

The latest most significant investment was made in 2015, when we got a 2-screw compounder for processing plastics, elastomer and composites. The machine’s capacity allows us to manufacture small and big raw material quantities both to domestic and export markets. Our equipment base’s process phases and process parameters in the plastic components manufacturing are all automatized.

In the beginning of 2016 we started a product development with compound raw materials. After multiple test drives and other tests, we can now provide our customers raw materials with even 80% CaCO3+PP or CaCO3+PE general rate. Thus, we are offering great savings in raw materials and we can honestly say that after some of our tests the final products’ qualities have increased.

We want to participate in developing new products and new possibilities, not only for ourselves but for others, too. Currently, we are taking a part in several development projects; for example, with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland’s who is running a raw material development project in a co-operation with multiple Finnish companies. Project’s goal is to utilize more industry’s side currents in plastic’s raw material’s manufacturing, and to create new, more ecological raw materials for industrial needs. The significance of green values is constantly rising in the Western countries, and thus we believe that when these raw material development projects hit the jackpot, they will help us to expand our operation field to global markets, where we can serve more industries with our solutions.

Our second significant product development project is running very smoothly. Our aim is to replace hard metal products with plastic ones. Plastic’s advantages are that it’s both durable and long-lasting. When succeeding, this project will give chances for our partners to get significant savings with constantly decreasing repair expenses.



Ring sturdiness measurement

Compound’s calcium carbonates’ general rate is defined in an annealing furnace

Calibrating weights are used to verify the correctness of measurement results

Revisions on facet’s symmetry

Compound’s moisture measurement

Elina has got 19 years of experience of laboratory work

Crucibles in the desiccator

Inner diameter’s measurement tests

Precise documenting of measurement results